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The whistleblower did not think this through. Lonnie says: I notice you chose to post the whistleblowers version, which has been proven inconsistent, instead of the real transcripts. How interesting. JNagarya says: Cite ONE “inconsistency”. And in English, please; I don’t read Russian. ERVIN WILLIAMS says: Thank you Rachel and thank you Saskia. You have a fan. Thank you Rachel and thank you Saskia. You have a fan. I will donate when I can, fixed income and budget. Dan J Cooke says: Still waiting for your retort Lonsky… Pat Conboy says: You seem to like the fairy tale version transcripts not real thing. Chris says: Actually the real, complete transcript is still being hidden by the White House. However, the partial transcript can be seen on line. It is perfectly consistent with the complaint. You criticism is baseless. Note: the partial transcript I mentioned above is “real;” it was released by the White House. It clearly shows the President asking “for a favor, ” investigating Biden AND helping “clear” Russia of 2016 election interference in exchange for the defense aid that was cleared by Congress and cleared by the Pentagon. Manuel Marques says: Great Job Saskia, Thanks Rachel Dennis says: Very interesting read. Now the fun begins. It will be interesting to watch the Republicans turn their backs on Trump in hopes he does in fact get impeached so they can get someone else to run for President in 2020. Let the games begin! Freyda Chemes says: There is only one version and that is the Whistleblowers. As for the telephone tape, that is in the secret server where it was put for a coverup. We will see that very soon and maybe other damaging phone call tapes. Lonnie says: Yes, just like Kavanaugh was “proven” guilty and it was “proven” Trump conspired with Russia! Lmao!. This is simply Trump Derangement Syndrome at its best. Bill Clinton lies under oath and then admitted it, but the Democrats turned a blind eye and said that was not impeachable. The chickens are coming home to roost. This will backfire badly on the Democrats and Trump will get elected again. Sorry to tell you. Joseph -Sandralee Randazzo says: The president lies under oath every see now I think its up to something like 5700 lies as counted. A big nexus from a stain on a dress to conspiring with a foreign entity to fix an American election. Clinton didn’t get impeached because he shot a wad on an intern’s dress. He was impeached because he lied under oath. But nice try though. Jerry says: So you choose the whistleblowers account when it’s 2nd, 3rd, 4th handed info…Instead of the White house actual transcript…nice try Ray Collins says: Hilarious (and disturbing) to see the statist lefties foaming at the mouth when a President (an obnoxious one, to be truthful) wants information about a Presidential candidate’s son’s lawbreaking. The horror! Clinton giving weapons technology to the communist Chinese? Well, that’s okay; he has the PC opinions on “global warming, ” abortion, etc., so he gets a pass. So this whistleblower is worried about national security yet the whistleblower and others are leaking info to the media for all the world to see…now who is hurting the security of the United States…, Biden says he was cleared of wrongdoing yet I dont recall an investigation lori says: Lonnie, bill clinton lied about getting a blow job in his office…i hardly think that compares to the many many lies Trump had told. And we are talking about illegal action in this. A Fellow Republican Lori, Bill Clinton lied “under oath” period. There is never a good reason for that. Once we start using opinions to justify wrongful actions, that is a slippery slope. Plus, Bill knew that there was damning evidence against him yet he still lied under oath because he also knew his approval rating was above 70% and the American public wouldn’t stand for him getting kicked out of office. As for Trump telling so many lies; none that I am aware of have been under oath. Now if you want to get into politicians telling lies then, well … we will be here all day won’t we. Lol Ky says: Clinton? Over Twenty years ago? What does that have to do with today’s President who has clearly committed treasonous acts against our Country? Read the “entire” Mueller report including the footnotes and the Whistleblower’s complaint, including those footnotes, with an open mind, then make serious substantive comments. Otherwise, your emotionally charged words have no standing. Ky Because it sets a legal precedence. I suggest you watch more Matlock! “Treason! Treason! ” Hilarious to see the commie/lefties/useful idiots/people longing to be ruled insisting Trump is a traitor. A totally brain-dead way of life, way of looking at things. Treason is the only crime specifically detailed in the Constitution, and what Trump did–“Give me information on Biden’s ILLEGAL actions”–ain’t even close.

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Title: The Whistleblower Release: 2010 Rating: 7. 2 Language: English, Romanian, Russian, Serbian Country: Canada, Germany Runtime: 112 Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Biography, Thriller Release 2010 Rating 7. 2 Language English, Romanian, Russian, Serbian Country Canada, Germany Runtime 112 Genre Screenshot: Download Torrent Files 720P Magnet Link The Whistleblower Subtitles Synopsis Inspired by true events, Kathy (Rachel Weisz) is an American police officer who takes a job working as a peacekeeper in post-war Bosnia. Her expectations of helping to rebuild a devastated country are dashed when she uncovers a dangerous reality of corruption, cover-up and intrigue amid a world of private contractors and multinational diplomatic doubletalk. Director: Larysa Kondracki Writer: Larysa Kondracki, Eilis Kirwan Actors: Rachel Weisz Vanessa Redgrave Monica Bellucci David Strathairn Nikolaj Lie Kaas Benedict Cumberbatch Keywords: Download The Whistleblower Hd Movie Yts The Whistleblower Torrent Download The Whistleblower 2010 Yify Movie Conspiracy The Whistleblower Yify Movie Recent Movies A Crooked Somebody (2017) 6 An attention-seeking psychic is kidnapped and tries to use the situation to boost his popularity. Harsh Times (2005) 6. 9 Jim Davis is an ex-Army Ranger who finds himself slipping back into his old life of petty crime after a job offer from the LAPD evaporates. His best friend is pressured by his girlfriend Sylvia to find a job, but Jim is more interested in hanging out and making cash from small heists, while trying to get a law enforcement job so he can marry his Mexican girlfriend. Whiplash (2014) 8. 5 A young and talented drummer attending a prestigious music academy finds himself under the wing of the most respected professor at the school; one who does not hold back on abuse towards his students. The two form an odd relationship as the student wants to achieve greatness, and the professor pushes him. Firecrackers (2018) 6. 7 Lou and her best friend Chantal plan to get out of their isolated, run-down town and move to a city far, far away. When Chantal's unstable and possessive ex violates her during a night of partying, the girls decide to exact their revenge on him through a night of vandalism and debauchery. The consequences of their actions are devastating, threatening the girls' chances of ever leaving. The more Lou fights tooth-and-nail to save her friendship and hold onto her dreams, the more she spins out of control as she begins to realize that freedom will come at a high cost. Lou and her best friend Chantal plan to get out of their isolated, run-down town and move to a city far, far away. The more Lou fights tooth-and-nail to save her friendship and hold onto her dreams, the more she spins out of control as she begins to realize that freedom will come at a high cost.

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Laisse-moi donner le tempo. This article is more than 4 months old The House intelligence committee released a whistleblower complaint against the US president, which has led to an impeachment inquiry Representative Adam Schiff, chairman of the House intelligence committee, speaks to the media in Washington on Wednesday. Photograph: Mark Wilson/Getty Images The House intelligence committee has posted a complaint against Donald Trump written by a whistleblower in August of 2019. The whistleblower’s seven-page, unclassified letter can be read in its entirety below. The whistleblower writes in the letter that Trump has used the presidency to pressure foreign leaders to meddle in the 2020 election. The whistleblower argues that these efforts “pose risks to US national security” and represent a serious abuse of power. unclassified document.

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