. Runtime - 2 Hours 9m. writed by - Andrew Heckler. Ratings - 6,7 / 10 Stars. Actors - Garrett Hedlund. 257 Votes.
Love Foy Vance and this video didn't disappoint. xx.
Damn lexxi's bass is perfect.
Mahogany sessions people - please can you tell me where in central london this hotel is and what is called? I am looking at shooting a video in a venue like this! Cheers, Ash Francis.

To save this word, you'll need to log in. bur·​den | ˈbər-dᵊn 1 a: something that is carried: load dropped his burden of firewood b: duty, responsibility forced to bear the burden of caring for her aging parents lowering the tax burden on the middle class 2: something oppressive or worrisome a heavy burden of guilt was a huge financial burden on his family 3 a: the bearing of a load — usually used in the phrase beast of burden b: capacity for carrying cargo a ship of a hundred tons burden 4: load sense 11 worm burdens of cattle cancer burden burdened; burdening ˈbərd-​niŋ, ˈbər-​dᵊn-​iŋ 1 a: a central topic: theme the burden of the argument 2 archaic: a bass or accompanying part I would sing my song without a burden; thou bringest me out of tune — Shakespeare.

Dope af bruh 💯🔥. Heartfelt& Emotional Song Powerful the word's are Keith awesome 👍👍💞💞🎶🎶. Never heard of video that relates to my life like this 1. That 'stache though... I just finished watching this film at the Traverse City Film Festival, I absolutely cannot rave enough about this film! the cinematography, the acting, the dialogue, everything is absolutely spot on! It is so intense that you, as the viewer, can feel the struggle that Mike Burden is going through and it just captures you and sucks you right in. especially if you know anything about the backstory on it and what really happened. To be honest this film emotionally drained me, I am literally exhausted from watching it. I would even have to go as far as to giving it 6 out of 5 stars, this is one of those do not miss movies.

I'd love to meet this dude this dude flow is crazy one day I hope to be as good as this.

Wow, this is amazing! This is one of my favorite remix by him

( b ɜː ʳd ə n) Word forms: plural, 3rd person singular present tense burdens, present participle burdening, past tense, past participle burdened 1.  countable noun The developing countries bear the burden of an enormous external debt. [ + of] They don't go around with the burdens of the world on their shoulders the whole time. Her death will be an impossible burden on Paul. The financial burden will be more evenly shared. [ Also + on] 2.  countable noun A burden is a heavy load that is difficult to carry. [ formal] COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers Video: pronunciation of burden burden in British English 1 ( ˈbɜːd ə n) noun 1.  something that is carried; load 2. the burden of responsibility ▶ Related adjective: onerous 3.  nautical b.  the weight of a ship's cargo verb ( transitive) 4.  ( sometimes foll by up) 5. the old woman was burdened with cares Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers Word origin Old English byrthen; related to beran to bear 1, Old Frisian berthene burden, Old High German burdin burden in British English 2 Word origin C16: from Old French bourdon bass horn, droning sound, of imitative origin burden in American English 1 ( ˈbɜrd ə n) noun 1.  anything that is carried; load 2.  anything one has to bear or put up with; heavy load, as of work, duty, responsibility, or sorrow 3.  the carrying of loads a beast of burden 4.  the carrying capacity of a ship verb transitive 5.  to put a burden on; load; weigh down; oppress Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. Copyright © 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved. Word origin ME birthen < OE byrthen, akin to ON byrthr, a load: for IE base see bear 1 burden in American English 2 noun 2.  a chorus or refrain of a song 4. the burden of a speech Word origin ME burdoun, bass in music, refrain < OFr bourdon, a humming, buzzing < ML burdo, wind instrument, bumblebee; of echoic orig. COBUILD Collocations burden.

I've missed hearing that northern irish 'oi' sound in co. down and town. Good Song. Your current browser isn't compatible with SoundCloud. Please download one of our supported browsers. Need help?


This movie left off an important is Junior. Be careful that you don't find yourself leagaly in trouble. I saw Burden at Sundance, and was captured with how poignant this film is. The tale is an incredible story- and has really effected me on many levels. Even though the story is 20 years old- the lesson is very timeless. Opeth - To Bid You Farewell - Lyrics I am awaiting The sunrise Gazing modestly through the coldest morning Once it came you lied Embracing us over Autumn's proud treetops I stand motionless In a parade of falling rain Your voice I cannot hear As I am falling again Devotion eludes And in sadness I lumber In my own ashes I am standing without a soul She wept and whispered: I know. We walked into the night Am I To bid you farewell? Why can't you see That I try? When every tear I shed Is for you.


Love that voc mix. Öyle solo atıyor ki biladerim canımızı yakıyor be. So good! I'm supposed to be doing work, but this is too excellent that I am completely distracted. Thank you for the amazing music. Burden bur·den / ˈbərdn / • n. 1. a load, esp. a heavy one. ∎  fig. a duty or misfortune that causes hardship, anxiety, or grief: the burden of mental illness. ∎ the main responsibility for achieving a specified aim or task: the burden of establishing that the cost was unreasonable. a ship's carrying capacity; tonnage. 2. ( the burden) the main theme or gist of a speech, book, or argument: the burden of his views. v. [ tr. ] (usu. be burdened) load heavily: she walked forward burdened with a wooden box. cause (someone) hardship or distress: they were not yet burdened with adult responsibility. PHRASES: burden of proof the obligation to prove one's assertion. DERIVATIVES: bur·den·some / ˈ-səm / adj. • Abaddon, gladden, gladdon, Ibadan, madden, sadden • abandon, Brandon, Rwandan, Ugandan • Baden, Baden-Baden, Coloradan, garden, harden, lardon, Nevadan, pardon •Wiesbaden • bear garden •tea garden • Armageddon, deaden, leaden, redden • Eldon, Sheldon • Brendan, tendon •Dresden • Aden, Aidan, Haydn, laden, maiden •handmaiden • cedarn, cotyledon, dicotyledon, Eden, monocotyledon, Sweden •wealden • bestridden, forbidden, hidden, midden, outridden, ridden, stridden, unbidden •Wimbledon • linden, Lindon, Swindon •Wisden • Mohammedan • Myrmidon •harridan • hagridden • Sheridan •bedridden • Macedon • Huntingdon • Dryden, guidon, Leiden, Poseidon, Sidon, widen • Culloden, hodden, modern, sodden, trodden •Cobden • downtrodden • Auden, broaden, cordon, Gordon, Hordern, Jordan, warden •churchwarden • louden • bounden • loden, Snowdon • beholden, embolden, golden, olden •hoyden • Bermudan • wooden •Mukden • gulden • sudden • Blunden, London •Riordan • bourdon • bombardon •celadon • Clarendon • burden, guerdon Oxford Dictionary of Rhymes burden1, (arch. ) burthen load. OE. byrðen = OS. burthinna:- WGmc. * burþinjō, f. * burpi (see BIRTH) + -EN2; cf., with different suffix, OHG. burdi (G. bürde), Goth. baurpei. Forms with d appear XII. cf. MURDER; for u repr. y cf. BLUSH. Hence burden vb., † burdenous, burdensome. XVI. The Concise Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology T. F. HOAD The Oxford Dictionary of Phrase and Fable ELIZABETH KNOWLES Burden a fixed quantity of a commodity; a heavy load; the chorus of a song. See also charge, load, trust. Examples: burden of armour, 1595; of brass [debts], 1601; of corn, 1523; of despair, 1812; of gold, 1440; of rushes, 1560; of sin, 1303; of sorrows, 1374; of steel [120 lb. ]; of thorns, 1449; of verse, 1598; of weeds, 1527. Dictionary of Collective Nouns and Group Terms burden2 †bass, ‘undersong’; refrain XVI; chief theme XVII. Later form of BOURDON, assim. to prec. as if with the notion that the bass or the refrain was ‘carried’ by the melody or the song. burden, or burthen. 1. A recurring line after each stanza of a ballad, etc. 2. Drone or bass of bagpipe. The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Music MICHAEL KENNEDY and JOYCE BOURNE.

Track Name: I Didn't Want To Wake Up Sleeping in cycles and you'll never know Haunt me forever or just let me go Filter my faults and I pray that I stay Distill these nightmares that won't go away So is everything the way you thought it'd be? Or still empty? Just let me breathe There’s wars we fight against ourselves, and no one's set to make it out Settle, sink, pretend The pages are filled in the end Fade out and follow the note and I don’t think, that it’s worth it To race a clock and think that you will finish in time So settle, sink, pretend And I'll stay alone So is everything the way you thought it'd be? Or still empty?
Just let me breathe 
Just let me go Hollow and haunted my mind in the end Rope at the gallows, a lonely lament We’re all just trying to make it out Why make it hard for someone else? Will this be enough for you? Cause I can’t seem to figure out Silence fills an open room And I'm sure I can't pretend Track Name: L'appel Du Vide I blame myself for all the things I left unsaid and all the writing’s on the walls I feel that I set myself up for failure but never figured out This hollow advice I stopped believing in the words I couldn’t finalize Believe, I can’t be there alone again But I’ll just hold myself back It’s settled I’m settling back into all my old ways Its better than broken, and sometimes that’s all we need 
So helplessly we suspend
 I’m overthinking this over and over again Delighted, we’ll all feel lost well who knows? But it won’t make a difference We’ll never make a difference Well I’ve been thinking of ways to hide, disappear but still be alive So tell me what you think, was it worth it?
 Over and over again and again So will you trace the lines, or will you just pretend? So helplessly we suspend
 Just save yourself cause I can’t believe What’s left, left for me? I never said I never wanted all of this
Let’s let the chemicals collide Track Name: This Feels Like Letting Go Say you want to trust in me There's silences in between Pull me out again and save me from who I was, what they want, and everything This feels like letting go I feel I'm sinking this is all I'll ever know We'll need a stronger dose I'm tangled up in this I feel I’m sinking this is all I'll ever know Still tangled up in this We’ll stay afloat on paper boats And I'll leave this alone Oh how sweet the sound This silence makes me feel home Faking this fiction is all that know This feels like letting go and I won’t be alone You fit uncomfortably in tailored skin, and I am done with it Things might be better off this way. It's over and I think that I'll remember Track Name: Broken Compass Just hear me out
 I’ll paint the scene, eyes shut again
 Try not to dream - I’m just pretending Drain out the gold, make me alive Nothing to hold - leaving me paralyzed You were all that I know We could sell these lies and be good as gold I wanted to be lost with you But now I know, you’re all I know Just look on the bright side is all that you’ll say Well my silver lining has tarnished to grey Things aren’t as gold as they seemed I just keep clinging to dreams that won’t help me

 But now I know, you’re all I know

 Sad you were wrong We can hide away, from painted fears The cloud graced days, and stained cheek tears But I was never awake
 Just a promise you won’t make 

Stay gold, stay golden Track Name: Synesthesia Everything changed in an instant And I’m still not sure why I marked my place on the map Held out my heart to the sky And there’s nothing worth noting No accomplishments made I’m always dreaming of leaving Then wishing I stayed 

It might be the fever, I haven’t felt right in days 
Reflecting myself in the worst kind of ways 
And so I’ll write myself off I hope I cut through the noise Cause these are the feelings I’ve tried to avoid

 Still I’m drowning in doubt I hope I figure it out, I know I’ll figure it out
 And so I’ll drown in this doubt
 But I swear this sinking feeling won’t get the best of me Track Name: Lowercase & Capitals Writing this letter, I’ve been thinking of where to begin In and out and I’ll breathe in the oxygen In and out, yeah I’ll start thinking for myself again Anxiety, drips over and under me but I can’t breathe
 Will I be alright? Or will this be the reason I can’t sleep at night?
I just keep fighting it’s all I have I’ve got this feeling, that it won’t be enough again I’ll write these letters, addressed to the past I know you won’t read them but it’s the way these things last And we can sleep in the shade, bask in the glory of a rainy parade I swear I’ll try and never let you down But still you’ve got me all figured out I’ll fade away, you’ll stare through me 
A well composed transparency I just keep fighting it’s all I have 
‘Cause i’m a crystal bouquet, yeah I’m a gift to behold But you just can’t be bothered, no; you’re more into gold
 And I can’t make up for all the things that I lack
 So I’ll just have to figure it out 

In and out and I’ll breathe in the oxygen In and out, yeah I’ll start thinking for myself again 
 Will I be alright? Or will this be the reason I can’t sleep at night?

 So just let go, I swear I might I’m sick of the words I can’t seem to get right This hollow example of what I’ll never be A well composed transparency Track Name: Paler Shade Sleep again we’ll go away from the doubt Dream again and then we’ll figure it out And this place may seem familiar But I can’t believe That I could crave the worst of this sympathy These words still hollow out Carve shapes and see The worst in you it got the best of me If all we are is broken from the start Then what’s the point of being honest? Please forgive the broken promises I can’t believe that I just can’t seem to shake this off of me Soak through my withered bones the only thing that I could ever know Oh please believe, it’s in the words and the way you say them
 (Oh my god please believe) Oh my god I know we’re drowning in doubt This is happening again I should know myself, we’re drowning So why can’t we just think this out? And think about all the things that we’re saying? And if you stare at the sun for long enough maybe you’ll leave yourself blind to everything Was it worth it? To find yourself gripping onto everything? Well I keep thinking about they way I’ve been, a paler shade of blue, and how I’m not enough for you So I want to know, if I was the worst in you Track Name: Static Sea Tell me I’m worth the space on a calendar page We need some clarity Cause this static noise is killing me Just admit that you’re wrong Cause I just want to belong 
 Don’t say you’ll pray for me, cause that won’t change a thing
 (No it won’t) Fit the concept These simple things Wish I could save this It won’t make a difference either way I think it’s safe to say we couldn’t be any different But stay the same Just save yourself I couldn’t be that brave It’s just another case of not knowing when to give up But my limbs are tired, enough’s enough I just need some balance in all of this, I’m tired of asking for forgiveness 
Chemicals and heart attacks, you’ll never admit to the things that you lack
 No you’ll never admit to a thing I just want to know what it means Is it worth it? Will it always be? Options are incomplete Slipping through static I hope you can forgive me

 This signal’s fading - cut the transmission Track Name: Sinking Feeling So tell me what you need I’ll find a way to let you down And scatter the remains of what we lost and never found I’ll flood my fears and fade away and find myself alone again I've got this sinking feeling and I don't know how to swim With feet more fit for anchors, do I give up or give in? There's this light in sight, but I just close my eyes instead I'm starving for attention with a stomach full of dread I’m tripping on my words again and I don’t think it’s right There’s things inside this head of mine that keep me up at night And I swear to you that I’ll let you down, but not now 

I’m sorry for the things I can’t control
 I thought I’d let you know 
I feel I’m sinking again
 I don’t know why I pretend
 I’ll sip the medicine I don’t care if I get better Cause I’ll just dive right in, self induce the stormy weather And I swear that I’m sinking, I’ve got so much left to give If I make it out alive I swear I’ll learn how to live
I’m sorry for the things I can’t control

 Track Name: Classic Disaster Hear me out We’ll need to find a better way to work this out Send out a search party they’ll never find me Down and out, living alone with a head full of doubt 
I never wanted to be loved by you
 Oh no, I never wanted to be loved by you Then again will you say the words I need to hear?

 So well rehearsed, let’s act the lines and convince them we’re just fine 
I’m still breathing, can’t stop dreaming I was over it and overrated, I was all but yours
 Tell me again you are

 Let’s act the lines and convince them we’re just fine
 I’m still breathing, but I can’t believe it
 I’m still breathing

 Tell me again you are
 I never wanted to be loved by you
 Track Name: Vodka Soda Social Club Swear that you’re trying to work this out But what’s there left to say? Cause I’m alone again This static’s pulling and pushing apart; flawed by design So try to cling back and fall away Take back the focus again The vision’s blurry but the image seems to be the same I won’t be able to breathe, maybe that’s just what I need, cause what’s the point of being used? I think it’s safe to say that we’re lost in this But cling onto what you know and I’ll meet you there What’s the purpose of it all? Repeat my lines and then Maybe it’s better when I fall Eyes closed and start again Cause I’ve been dreaming again But I swear that I’m fine I hope the guilt you feel Weighs you down over time And it’s not worth it, do I wait it out? Build a new life while you drown in your doubt? These fleeting fixes won’t last in the end I’m not alright but at least I pretend You can’t keep fading, evading everything I’m waiting for nothing when you can’t decide Scream “Am I not enough? ” All we’re left with is all the promises you never kept I’m giving up 

And now I’ll learn to live without This sinking, this settling, these thoughts of doubt
 Track Name: Something Borrowed, Something Blue The hospital these sick sad dizzy spells No need to be scared Cause everything is always left behind Let’s make it out in time Let’s fade, dissolve into the sun We have to leave here Sing the praise and lose myself again Just keep on breathing Safe and sound Your words they speak so loud But now I’m numb.. And always so aware of my faults Just keep on breathing

 Drown, I’ll flail and find myself, but now I’m numb And I’ll fall, without any words to back it up Keep it vague is all Safe and sound your words they speak too loud So tell me what to think cause I can’t say I’m too sure It’s a constant battle and I’m not sure what for The way we read the lines, translate and then compare This ghost still haunts these halls and you were never really there What’s the purpose?
 You’ll get what you deserve Track Name: (2793) Well there are some words not meant to be spoken But you caught on a little too late Caught biting your tongue with promises broken Never one proud of your traits But you've lost your touch And now I'm afraid it's a little too much To just forgive and then forget Fighting yourself with the goals that you've set Please stay in line and focus the weight of the world to the back of your mind Please live for now, and put all that pressure on somebody else Cause your heart was a promise not meant to be broken and words left your lips like a key that was spoken Your vision starts blurring and then you forget the one you're becoming is one that you'll regret.

Yay NEEDTOBREATHE shoutout! They're the reason I discovered you ❤️. This is a remarkable story of a man's redemption and those who made it possible through courage and love. There are elements, including the name of the central character and an ironic twist that would seem like artifacts of a writer's mind, but they were not- real people, the events that happened to them, and how they chose to respond to those events, provided a story that called out to be told. Writer/director Andrew Heckler does an amazing job telling the story and the cast is terrific.

Oh n o,this reminds me of Marika Hackman,ouch my heartt. I broke ya heart when I told ya bout the other one. Showed love to ti verse in his song I still love ya... Hell, yeah. Two of my fav rappers. Shits dope, boutta go for a ride and bump it. U and B needa do at least a song together bro. Hes your brother so you know he can flow 🔥.

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